Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Napoleonics, Modern Warfare, and Gallipoli part deux

    Today I've been playing play-by-email war games since 4AM. My head has turned into a total wasteland, but there might end up being some nuggets of insight while I'm not in control of all my faculties. Although I feel fatigued now, I made some good decisions in several of my current games and some clearly horrible ones in others. In addition I just started hosting a Napoleonic Waterloo tournament for the Wargamers Club For Gentlemen. Also I ended up joining a wargaming club in Brooklyn that is pretty incredible, but more on all that in the next installment. Now, lets go to the games.

Holding off Bulcher's Prussians northeast of Placenoit with stacked cavalry.
    I was pretty happy with how this turned out. This was how my game looked at the end of my turn and this was the first end result of contact between Bulow and Bulcher. As of right now, The Prussians have taken loads of casualties, and I've taken out 2 of their commanders. I'm pretty sure I can't maintain this for much longer, but as long as I can hold them off to get my infantry into square formation further north, I can neutralize their cavalry and hold them off for a while longer. I know that this player is far more experienced then I am, but if I can manage to screen and harass their advance I hopefully will have a chance.

The Allies (in red) attempting to hold this ridge from Napoleons troops. 
    The above game is from the Napoleonic tournament I am running for the Wargamers Club for Gentlemen. The scenario is a snapshot of the fight at Waterloo that focused on Napoleon's attack on Wellington at a ridge in Waterloo. While Wellington was considered a tactical genius and was often praised for his ability to conceal artillery from the enemy, this battle is by no means easy. Without having to rely on the Prussians to put pressure on the French right flank, the French were well poised to do some serious damage to the British. Luckily, my opponent is new to the game so I'm hoping my experience will work in my favor. Already I can see one spot where his infantry are stacked together in great numbers. Not only will those units be unable to fire because they are stacked in lines, they make a great target for my artillery as I inflict heavy losses on them. My goal here is to make them bleed as much as possible while giving up ground when needed to keep my troops alive.

Korea 85', NK is brown, SK is blue, US is green.
    I am doing considerably worse in a multiplayer game of Korea 85. Most of the North Korean units have way more firepower and men than I do. I am getting pressed pretty hard from every direction. Strangely enough, my more uniformly stronger units are engineers so I need to figure out how to use them to prevent the North Korean Advance. I'm just now thinking that I can use them to lay down mines and blow up bridges. In a later turn, which I neglected to take a picture of, my guys are even more decimated, losing some of the victory locations to the west. Things are not looking very good here.

Moving along, brightening things up.

    My Gallipoli scenario is going better than expected. With some flares and the assistance of officers, I was able to to start picking away at the Ottomans I could locate. I still continued to take losses as I moved up the embankment, but with my superior numbers this wasn't too bad of a loss. My plan is to keep moving ahead taking cover against elevations in the terrain when possible. I check the line of sight of my visible enemies in order to advance giving them as little opportunities as possible to hit me.

Liking the look of this!
    This has now turned into a race to the victory points for me. I have eliminated and demoralized most of the enemy's units (at least I think,) and have started moving my troops eastward. The terrain is clearly my biggest enemy now, with 3 or 4 turns left I don't know if its possible to get enough victory locations to secure a victory, but we shall find out!

    In the next installment, I'll be talking about a great modern combat minis game I played tonight (and of course the conclusion of the landing on the beaches of the Dardanelles!

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