Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Force on Force And Miniatures Wargaming in Brooklyn

Oh man, you know this is going to be a good post.

    So, I'm in the process of joining a wargaming club in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It's going to be a long trial period of three months, but it seems worth the effort.  This place is completely amazing. Pretty much every game you can imagine is here. I can smoke cigarettes while I plan out my grand strategy and drink Napoleon Brandy.  So yeah, wow. Let's  see a few poorly taken pictures of this incredible place.

Napoleonic miniatures, borrowed the general d' brigade rules to learn.

1775, a fantastic war/euro game centered around the American Revolution. It really is an amazing game.

The result of an artillery attack I ordered in Force On Force
    I thought I would be all gamed out yesterday after work, but near the end of the day I received a text message from a great guy I met at the club asking me if I wanted to sit in on a Modern Warfare miniatures game. I know very little about modern warfare and figured I wasn't interested. However, I wanted to hang out with other club members and get to know them better so I decided to go. The game was called Force On Force and the scenario was taking play in North Germany as if the the Russians had invaded in the 80s and started World War Three. Once I arrived, I was invited to join the game on whichever side I preferred. The situation was such that the Russians were holding up in a walled section of the town while the American NATO forces were taking casualties advancing on the Russian position. I decided to go with the Americans since it appeared that they were the underdogs in the situation. I was given command of two infantry groups with an officer who was capable of calling in artillery fire (something I did constantly.)  

My two comrades, my teammate Shane on the left, and James for the Russians on the right.
Shane surveying the battlefield.
    My first turn did not start off so well. I had one group of infantry on foot and another inside of a transport vehicle. I wanted to unload them and get them into cover behind some bushes, but the Russians reacted before I got a chance to unload my troops. They were able to hit and destroy my troop transport with one of their tanks. As a result of this, most of my men in that vehicle were able to get out safely. However, one man died and another was seriously wounded rending him useless. Not to mention, these men were my only machine gunners so it was a huge loss. I was essentially left with a group of riflemen, one squad commander, and one officer, split into 2 groups.
My infantry executing an assault on a Russian position. 
An important bridge we were tasked with controlling. My officer has a clear LOS on the Russian infantry ahead.
    Soon after this initial debacle, things began to pick up in speed. First, Shane my teammate, laid down some smoke with one of his tanks on the opposite side of the bridge in order to move one of his tanks and my infantry across. Once his tank was on the other side, he positioned it near the wall with LOS on the Russians out in their fortifications. I reorganized my infantry into 3 companies (a skill allowed by the presence of my officer,) seperating the remaining riflemen into 2 groups leaving the wounded from their ranks in a third group with the commanding officer. The reasoning for this being the wounded troops slow down my infantry units, and I want the CO to hang back anyway. I send the 2 units over the bridge and have my CO on an elevated position on the bridge (see above.)

A snapshot of the Russian forces in their encampment.
Near the end of the game, My infantry advancing on the remaining company of Russians. 
    After moving up my troops, I continued to fire down artillery with my CO on the bridge. I was able to disrupt a bunch of their armor along with infantry and with that in mind, I went forward with my infantry to follow up on the artillery. The first assault was relatively successful, killing a whole Russian division. All of the subsequent ones, however, were failures, killing off all my troops with the exception of the CO and the wounded with him. In spite of this tragedy, their sacrifice made it possible for my team to win. With their infantry focused on my infantry, our armor was able to completely destroy all of their armor and the Russians were ultimately left with nothing but infantry. We held the bridge along with several important parts of the terrain on top of wiping out their armor, so we ended up winning the game! I had a blast and would play this game again in a heartbeat. I had no idea I even liked minis or modern warfare, but now I know better.

Sneak preview from the game I'm playing tonight!
The light at the end of the wargaming tunnel. 


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    1. I got back into making dioramas recently and have been wanting to make a Roman war game. Lets catch up one of these days

    2. Thanks Jake, glad you enjoy it. Happy to get together to talk about or play games anytime.

  2. What not to like? Beautiful pictures, miniatures, terrain...and bottle!

  3. Thank you Phil! You will love the next post I have coming up, some of the coolest minis I've ever seen, not to mention the game is incredible.